July was a really busy month for me personally. In my everyday life, I had a lot of projects I was working on and a lot of talking to do. In other ways it was more relaxed as I’ve been trying to focus on self care.

I got a free subscription to the Down Dog app suite which does different apps focusing on exercise. My favorites are yoga and barre.

I also have been trying to journal more often. My therapist is stepping away to focus on keeping her children home from school this year and so in place, I’m going to try and journal again. I have a really lovely leather bound journal from B&N I need to use.

Having started this blog again, I’ve been focusing on ways I can write more often. I miss blogging and working on my novels. I will be writing about that in a future blog post this month I think.

So I’ve decided to start a new monthly series of wrapping up the month and talking about what I’m looking forward to in the next month. I might sometimes include non bookish things to help find some extra joy.

Books I read:

Blog Posts I wrote:

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For the month of August, I’m planning on staying pretty busy. I will be starting a new job soon and hopefully a part-time job as well. In between that I’m still doing online classes and volunteer work. So you know, classic Sareh taking on probably too much. But no worries, I have it figured out.

TBR List:

  • Children of Blood and Bone by Toni Adeyemi
  • Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
  • The Tale of Genji

Blog posts I’m planning on releasing

  • Dealing with the guilt of not writing during the pandemic
  • What was the first ever novel I wrote?
  • An idea about writing websites
  • My link round ups

Among things I would like to discuss is reading more race focus books although I might be sharing that on my other blog instead. I would like to discuss the publishing Twitter talking about revealing their salaries and dealing with the fallout this summer of the BLM movement. I think that would be a great topic to discuss.

Another topic I would love to discuss is this year’s Hugo Awards as I am a lover and writer of science fiction and fantasy. I heard some good drama went down, although I need to do some more research into what happened before I can write about it.

Another thing I will be doing is pulling in old reviews and posts from my old blog, birds of a writer. I will be taking down the posts on that site and transferring them over here. I have a lot of posts that are dated but a lot of other posts that I think are still important as well. I’d love especially to keep my old book reviews on here.

I’m hoping August turns out to be a good month and I’m expecting things to get really busy and intense. Not only am I starting new work, but we’re still in the pandemic. And I think it will only ramp up from here.

My local library I believe is opening up soon although I’m still not sure how I feel about it. On one hand, I love browsing bookshelves, on the other hand, I believe we still need to be limiting our public outings as much as we can.

So I will probably continue to order books to be picked up if they still allow it and renting books on my Ipad. So I might be adding books to be TBR pile this month I wasn’t planning on right now. We’ll see what available.

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2 thoughts on “July Bookish Review + August Forecast

  1. Lovely wrap up! I also really enjoyed Wicked Fox! It was super interesting, and I can’t wait for the sequel! I hope you enjoy CoBaB and Soc, I really loved both of them and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts 😄 Also your upcoming post/discussion ideas sound so interesting, I can’t wait to read them 💕


    1. Thanks! I also can’t wait for the sequel, I hope it is as good as the first one was! And I’ll be for sure writing book reviews for those. 🙂 I’m working on the discussion posts so I hope people enjoy them! ❤️ Thanks for commenting!

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