A new series I want to start here is to keep myself accountable for my writing. Outside of blogging, I haven’t been very good about writing, but I want to start recapping what I worked on.

This will encompass finished projects and ongoing projects.

Categories include:

  • Creative Writing
  • Blogging
  • Freelance Articles
  • Journaling

For the week of August 22nd, I was a pretty productive writer.

Creative Writing

I wrote around 2,000 words on my sci-fi novel, A Star so Dark. I finished a chapter and started a new one.

Thanks to some word wars with my friends, I have been productively writing more lately.

I need to type up my list of their powers onto my computer instead of keeping a paper copy. I don’t reference it that much but it’s nice to have on hand and not go searching or worrying about loosing it.

Speaking of organization, I need to go through my Dropbox which has all of my stories and their extra stuff. I think there is a lot I can delete at this point and save some GBs.


I wrote two blog posts this week:

  • My Time as an Academic Librarian.
  • What was the first book I wrote?


I’ve been keeping a short journal on my phone although I prefer to write by hand. This week I was successful in creating an entry every day except Wednesday.

I have an iphone and I enjoy using the Dairy app. It’s free and although pretty basic as a free version, does everything I want it to.

I suppose I could also use the notes feature on my phone but whatever.

My other plan for journaling is to restart the wellness tracker templates with Evernote.

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