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This week I’m publishing a blog post round-up. I’ve been meaning to do these for a while but I keep forgetting.

Most of these posts have already been out for several weeks so if you’ve already read them, I apologize but hope you enjoy anyways. They certainly made my feed a bit brighter!

The Gilded Ones | A New Feminist Fantasy for 2021 by half wild books

I have been loving the influx of diverse books this past year and hopefully more into the future. I enjoyed seeing this perspective on the book and look forward to reading it on my own.

In Your Corner: It’s Actually OK to NOT Participate in NaNoWriMo by selfpublishing advisor

Every year I always start off Nanowrimo strong and then half way through fail because I focus more on learning, work, volunteering, blogging, or other activities. Some day I will accomplish it but the past couple of years I’ve actually been taking off because I’m just not confident on completing the challenge.


I’m a big fan of nonfiction actually and so I love the idea of pairing a nonfiction book with a fiction book to go with it. This is such a cool and unique way of looking at books. Thinking back, I think something like this would be really cool to do in an English class.

Science vs. Fiction: Rating Sci-Fi as a STEM Student by Paper Procrastinators

I don’t really hold it against them if they’re not accurate, I read mostly for enjoyment. However I loved The Martian and Ready Player One. I’ve heard of Red Rising but not the others. I think this used to be a huge discussion back in the day of hard vs soft science fiction but I don’t see a lot of people discussing it these days.

Blogging: How do you Blog Hop? by Book I Dote

I used to be really good at blog hopping when I was on Blogger because it was easy to find other bloggers in my niche. Sometimes I would hit the random button and go to random blogs and read and comment on those. These days, I’m really obsessed with relying on the WordPress reader to find and comment on blogs but I also am a part of some FB blog groups and Twitter as well. I also use bloggers post round up to find new blogs to read. However, I wish there was an easier way to find blogs on other platforms as well.


 I’ve always been curious of how other writers handle their second drafts. I see so many talk just about the first draft but vague things about the rest. I’m in the process of rewriting my first draft, so I guess it’s the second draft! It’s difficult but I love the new direction it’s going in

Pros and Cons of the Goodreads Reading Challenge. by the bookworm shelf blog

 I loosely follow the Goodreads challenge. On one hand I want to beat my goal and on the other hand, I mostly use it to keep track of how many books I’ve actually read. I’ve only completed it twice since I started doing them. I rarely ever adjust my goal. I know however some people get really uptight about it.

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