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This week I’m publishing a blog post round-up. I read most of these last week but haven’t quite found a good schedule that works.

There are a lot of talented bloggers out there so if you have any posts or blogs you recommend, I’d love to hear more in the comments!

Review: A Man by Keiichiro Hirano, translated by Eli K.P. William by natys bookshelf

This was an interesting book review I think. I’ve always found Japanese writers to be really interesting and I love a good mystery!

Book Review: Here Until I’m Gone (& Thoughts on Therapeutic Writing) by mental health at home

Therapeutic writing is so important, I’m a big advocate of thoughtful journaling. Like the blogger, I too have been writing primarily via my blog. I’m hoping though to spend more time this winter on my novels though.

GIFTS FOR BOOK LOVERS by kristin kraves book

I always love a good book themed gift list. Book themed lists are always so much fun for the holidays and I think are really creative and super adorable.

28 OF MY MOST ANTICIPATED YA BOOKS FOR 2021 by drizzle and hurricane books

I’m so excited for a lot of these up and coming YA books. Especially for Julie Kawaga’s third book in the Shadow of the Fox series coming in January. This year I was so excited to see all the diverse books by diverse authors coming out and I hope it’s a trend that continues. We need more representation in the community.

How Writers Can Make the Most of a Pandemic Winter by By Sweta Srivastava Vikram

I agree that this is a great year to cozy up and write a lot. I’m planning on staying home for the holidays especially and using my days off from work to write and relax. I think taking care of our mental health is especially important.

Wednesday Writing Prompts-Sci Fi Anyone? by THIS WRITER’S LIFE

Science fiction is one of my favorite genres, I might even like it a tad more than fantasy although I own more fantasy than science fiction. Anyways these prompts were a lot of fun and I love seeing prompts that are more specific towards genres.

Book Blogger Resources: How I Revamped The Quiet Pond (and My Tips For Your Next Blog Revamp) by The Quiet Pond

The Quiet Pond has such a cute blog and I love all her helpful tips! The illustrations are so great and I’m honestly a bit jealous. But I love the revamp and think this was so well done!

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