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I think readers these days- especially when they find a book or author they love, you want to do everything you can to support them. However, I think it’s important to remember that there are other ways to support an author without always having to buy their books.

We can do a lot to support authors and the book industry without having to spend money. For a lot of people, I think this is an important message because we don’t all have the money to drop on new books every week. Sometimes we have to wait for them to come on sale, buy them from book sales at the library, or another discount book shop. And that’s okay.

  1. Write a book review– If you run a book blog, vlog, or Instagram, I think creating book reviews can be so important. It helps get the author out there and helps readers form opinions if they want to read it or not.
  2. Host the Author- You can also do an interview but if you have a blog or vlog, you can offer to participate in a book cover reveal, book tour, or similar activity. Even if you don’t have a lot of followers, I think most authors are happy for some exposure.
  3. Share on social media This is a big one because for everyone that posts about an author or book on their social media is that many more people reached that the author might not have on their own. It’s so easy too such as resharing their post or doing a quick share button click.
  4. Follow the author on their social media or website/blog/newsletter- Publishers place a lot of value on how many followers an author has on social media so if you really love an author or book, follow them on their channels. Likely, they’ll be really happy and most authors love interacting with their followers.
  5. Request copies from your library if they don’t already have one- Although libraries usually only buy one copy of a book for the library, publishers can still find out how popular a book or author is based on how many times it’s been checked out from the library.
  6. Check out a copy if your library has a copy Again, even if you’re checking it out form the library, that’s still a plus in the author’s corner.
  7. Suggest it for a book club I’ve discovered so many new books through book clubs and have really enjoyed most of them! Suggesting books to your club can be a great way to share your love for an author or book.
  8. Take a book selfie– Honestly, who doesn’t love a good book selfie? Post a selfie of you with the book or take a cute themed photo of the book.
  9. Review it on Amazon or Goodreads– Another really important way you can support authors. The more reviews a book gets on Amazon or Goodreads, the more likely it will be seen and bought by more people. Social proof is so important in these days.
  10. Nominate it for an award– A great example of this is nominating and voting for a book on Goodreads. The Goodreads awards gets a lot of eyes on a book and helps promote the author to a larger community.
  11. Put the book on a list– You can add a book you love to a public list on Goodreads or on a public wishlist. This helps people find new reads and helps your friends and family with what to buy you for a present.
  12. Donate a copy to your local school, library, or friends in need– There are a lot of people out there who can’t afford a new book and even getting one from the library might be challenging for them. So if you can, donating books is a great way to bring more people’s attention to an author or book you love as well as helping people out when they need it.
  13. Gift a copy to your friends and family– I personally love gifting books because it’s such a personalized choice. Everyone has different tastes but if you know someone will enjoy that author or a book, go ahead and give it as a present. Books can be read over and over again so I always think they’re great gifts.
  14. Attend the author’s events– In the year 2020, hopefully authors are hosting online events which allows people all over the world to attend. This is great if the author usually doesn’t come to a city near you. Granted, it’s not the same as attending events in person, but the more people that show up, the better for that author.
  15. Request it as an ARC– If you really love an author and they come out with another book, requesting it as an ARC is a great way to let the publisher know how much you enjoy their books! If an author gets a lot of ARCs, it helps give the publisher more confidence in them.
  16. Place the book where it can be seen– If you’re in a bookstore or a library and notice there’s a promotion spot, recommend that the book be placed there. You can also subtlety place the book facing out on a shelf.
  17. Display and use book swag – If you win book swag or get some at a conference, proudly use and display that! It’s a promotional tool anyways for an author so if you can use it to help promote them, that’s extra great.
  18. Enter in for a giveaway– Goodreads and other platforms host a lot of giveaways. If a giveaway gets a lot of attention, an author might be able to do really well later on. If you’re running a giveaway this is another great way to spread awareness because readers love free books.
  19. Find a fandom– Fandoms are a great way to connect with other readers of your favorite authors and books. Word of mouth is so important so if you can bring more people into a fandom or help it grow, more people will support the things and people you love.
  20. Create fan art- Often fan art is a great way to promote a favorite without spending a dime on anything. You can draw, paint, cosplay, and all sorts of things.

So what are some of your favorite ways to show an author or book support without spending money? Comment below, I’d love to hear!

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