Hello, everyone!

I just wanted to post a quick announcement that I officially hit 50 followers – and then some on this blog!

Thanks for much for all the support everyone, I really appreciate it.

On my other blogger blog, I was blogging about every day for about 4 years and only had about 50 some regular followers so the fact that I’ve already gotten to 50+ in 8 months is really awesome.

When I decided to a good way to get through lockdown and quarantine last year was by blogging again on here, I did not expect this to get as many people as it has. I have been really enjoying blogging back on my site and hope it continue it through 2021.

I hope to continue to bring great content to you guys and hope to find and support other awesome people as well in 2021. So this shout out is to all of you, you’re awesome.

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