I’ve been focusing a lot lately on my science fiction space opera novel since I’m put my fantasy novel to the side. I’ll come back to it eventually.

I feel a bit guilty for not writing a lot last year but considering everything that went on, I think I also needed that break to focus. I hope to return to writing more regularly this year. It would be fun if I could have more word wars with my friends and if I could join in some writing sessions online.

My current goal is to write at least one night per week and slowly increase it to a bit every day. I’m hoping to keep the momentum of this week going forward.

Total number of words: 2,345

Snippet #1: From Chapter 12

Frost forms on her breath as the darkness increases around them, blocked out only by Desta’s holy magic. She glances at Jeese whose side of holy magic also shimmers around them. He has the magic of both aether and nether inside him, a muted version of both of their powers. But he is still powerful in his own right.

Especially with both she and Desta around to boost his powers.


She hears the whisper of the Ringmaster and knows that time is running out. “Get them home!” She grabs Jesse, shoves the Heart into his hands and shoves him into the protective circle of Desta’s magic. She sees her sisters blue eyes grow in fear as she realizes that Esper isn’t planning on coming with him.

“Asshole!” She screams, blue magic coursing across her skin and into the ground around them. “I came back for you!”

“You need to get Astra home, I’ll be fine, Desta,” Esper says as her tattoos glow red. She can feel the tingly sensation of unholy nether in her veins, her power almost overwhelming.

Another circle of nether encloses Desta’s circle as Julian’s darkness slams into it. The force almost knocks Esper off her feet but she braces herself as Julian appears in front of her. He glares at her with dead eyes, his energy slamming into hers again.

She grits her teeth and pushes back trying to ignore the screaming of dead souls around her. Desperately trying to prevent her friends from getting pulled into the death around them.

She won’t let Julian get them, she’s been fighting him too long to give up now.

Snippet #2: From Chapter 13

Once a boy lived among goddesses but was not aware of it.

He loved one in particular and swore that wherever she went, he would come with. But he was not immortal and could not follow her to heaven.

The goddess looked down upon him from heaven and loved him back for he was good and kind. She considered the stars and planets around them, wondering if there was a place within them for him.

As the days went on and he aged while she did not, they knew their days would be numbered. She prayed to the light and considered all options, wishing there was a way she could save him.

One day though a great darkness fell upon them and they were separated. She cried and begged her sister, the queen of hell, to bring him back to her. But alas, he already had become apart of the underworld.

Unable to bear to be separated, the goddess plucked from the darkness a moon and gave it life for the boy had stolen her heart.

I become aware of the Planets around them and their thoughts as my body is reborn in the light of my Sun. The heat blesses my skin, life coursing through my veins.

“Jesse?” The world comes to life before my eyes and I see my star-crossed lover next to me. His brown eyes light up at the sight of me and gives me a stunning grin.

“I’m here as I always am,” He says, taking my hands and kissing them. We both grin at each other for a few moments before laughing with relief.

He is back, really back.

I pull him into a warm embrace, feeling the cool touch of his skin against mine. Stars, I missed him. There’s just something so comforting about his presence, something so amazing that I feel so thrilled every time I see him. But it doesn’t have a name to me.

Jesse says it’s the ghost feeling of love we had for each other before we died in our past lives and were reborn. But while he still feels that love for me, it was stripped from me by the Powers that be so I could keep a clear head.

It’s something I’ll never forgive them for.

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