This month I ended up having a lot of changes happen to it was quite a busy month. On the bright side, I have a lot more time to read and write on my hands and that makes me pretty happy.

A couple weeks ago, I did a lot of blog planning and now I have posts into March scheduled out. I plan this week to schedule out more.

Lately, I’ve been having a bit of a quarter-life crisis that I might talk about at length in another blog post. But to put it succinctly, I’m trying to decide if I want to change career paths into books and writing. I actually double majored in college so it wouldn’t be anything too crazy to do. However, both of the kinds of jobs I would like to get require a lot of extra time.

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In other news, I started a bookstagram! You can see a couple of my latest posts here. Feel free to give me a follow and a like! If you follow me, I’ll follow back!

Blog Posts I wrote in january

December 2020 Review + January 2021 Forecast

I wrote a LOT of posts in December. Some of it I think I could have paced better so I had more content into 2021, but other bits of it were unplanned. However it was a good month to see what would happen if I posted more than 8-9 times. December Stats These were my…

Quick Announcement: 50+ Followers

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to post a quick announcement that I officially hit 50 followers – and then some on this blog! Thanks for much for all the support everyone, I really appreciate it. On my other blogger blog, I was blogging about every day for about 4 years and only had about 50…

Ranking The Books I read in 2020.

These are all the books I read in 2020 and not reposts. This list is order of #1 as the top to the least favorite at the bottom. I listed Soul of the Sword first because I really loved the setting and although the characters could use some work, I thought the plot was really…

7 Eco-friendly Bookish Ideas for 2021.

Typing 2021 is so weird. My fingers are basically 2020202020202020 everywhere. Anyways. So in my average day life, I try to be sustainable and eco-friendly as much as I can. I’m not a huge believer of being zero waste because I think corporations and business should be zero waste. Consumers don’t contribute as much to…

Bookshelf dreams and alternatives

This post is dedicated to all the libraries I wish I could live in and the book stores I wish I could own. I’ve been looking at bookcases lately because I don’t have one and I need one. I don’t currently have one and seeing all my books piled in the corner bug me. So…

What I wrote: Week of 1/10/2021

I’ve been focusing a lot lately on my science fiction space opera novel since I’m put my fantasy novel to the side. I’ll come back to it eventually. I feel a bit guilty for not writing a lot last year but considering everything that went on, I think I also needed that break to focus.…

(Repost) Do you need to read to be a good writer?

This is a repost from my old blogger blog. If you see an error or something else wrong, please let me know so I can correct it. So I know this is a question that depends on the person, but honestly, I just wanted to throw my two cents in there. But basically, I know…

Book Review: The Never Tilting World

Frozen meets Mad Max in this epic teen fantasy duology bursting with star-crossed romance, immortal heroines, and elemental magic, perfect for fans of Furyborn. Generations of twin goddesses have long ruled Aeon. But seventeen years ago, one sister’s betrayal defied an ancient prophecy and split their world in two. The planet ceased to spin, and…

Japan’s Ancient Queens: Himiko and Iyo

In my research, I’ve discovered that Japan seemed to hold a special place in their society for women that I haven’t seen a lot of other places in the ancient world. One just has to trace back the lineage of the Japanese Imperial Family to discover their claim as the ancestors of their sun goddess.…

Blog Posts I read recently #6

Some of these posts are from a couple weeks ago but I’ve been so caught up in some other things I haven’t gotten around to sharing them yet. Hope you enjoy these great posts! The Queen Of Nothing by Holly Black Review by 24hryabookblog I haven’t read past the first book in this series but I…

4 Book Releases I’m Looking Forward to in February 2021

In place of BookPage this month, instead I’m looking at books being released next month that I’m excited about. The Iron Raven (The Iron Fey: Evenfall #1) by Julie Kagawa I really loved the Iron Fey series back in the day. I find it hard to believe that it’s been already 10 years since these books…

Look ahead to febuary

I have all my blog posts planned out for this month, but I’ll be focusing on planning out more blog posts and creating more in the moment posts.

I also plan on doing a lot more writing and working on my novels, so you might be seeing more frequent writing updates from me.

I might also be enrolling in some online classes, so I’ll keep you posted if I end up doing anything writing related and how those are going. I’m considering taking classes through Udemy, Skillshare, The Literary Loft, or a local community college.

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