So sometimes when I copy and paste links into WordPress, it will automatically convert it to a link and other times it won’t. I’m still figuring it out.

Anticipated February 2021 YA Releases – Confessions of a YA Reader

I love seeing what’s going to be released month to month and I think there were a lot of great books showcased in this list.

Speculative Fiction Starters for Children and Young Adults

I thought this was a great post. I really enjoyed seeing Tamora Pierce mentioned in this list. She is one of my favorite authors and I don’t see her mentioned a lot.

The Business of ARCS- How I get my Books by She Just Loves Books

I’m always curious how other book reviewers get their books. There is certainly a lot of different methods for acquiring books, however the biggest one I’ve heard of is Netgallery. I really loved that they included a sample letter they usually write to publishers, I think that is super helpful for someone who hasn’t tried that method before.

Crazy Stupid Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams

I thought this was a short sweet review! I enjoyed learning more about this book and I’m looking forward to finding it in the library.

A little About Blog Tours– A Story Empire

This was a really interesting blog post about blog tours. I really enjoyed reading their thoughts about blog tours and how to run a good blog tour or host one.

The Success of Bookstagram and the People that run it series interview– The Heroine’s Book Blog

I loved this interview interviewing the people behind some bookstagrams. It inspired me to start my own last week and I think I’ll be giving the other interviews a read as well.

Opportunities, Blog Design & More With Belle || Blogletters Interview

I thought this was another really interesting interview! I thought they had a lot of great insights to share and I really enjoyed reading it. I agreed with them that book bloggers have a harder time getting noticed compared to bookstagrammers or booktubers. I also agree that book blogging takes a longer time compared to bookstagram in some cases but I think editing videos is time consuming as well.

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