The Legend of Beka Cooper gives Tamora Pierce’s fans exactly what they want—a smart and savvy heroine making a name for herself on the mean streets of Tortall’s Lower City—while offering plenty of appeal for new readers as well.

Beka and her friends will face their greatest and most important challenge ever when the young heir to the kingdom vanishes. They will be sent out of Corus on a trail that appears and disappears, following a twisting road throughout Tortall. It will be her greatest Hunt—if she can survive the very powerful people who do not want her to succeed in her goal.

Truely this book and the two books above this deserve fully length reviews because I really did love them. First off, Tamora Pierce is one of my favorite authors and I love all of her books. I think she’s an amazing writer and I love even in her fantasy settings, all of her female leads are strong women that I want to look up too if they were real. 

This is the third and final book in the Beka Cooper series and I’m sad to see the end of Beka’s story. Yes I know all great stories must end but I really liked this series. This is her first series in 1st person, dairy form no less and I think Tamora Perice did a stellar job on it. 

I really liked this book and I enjoyed seeing more of old Tortall besides the city. The characters were all fantastic, although I wasn’t thrilled about Beka’s love interest, Farmer. There’s something about him that I don’t really like. I think he’s a great guy, but throughout all the books, I always thought that Beka would end up with Rosto. In a way I understand why she wouldn’t, but…I don’t know. Rosto barely even makes enough appearances to be a good love interest so I guess this makes sense. 

Anyways, as for the plot, it was very good and I’m impressed as always at Mrs. Pierce’s ability to create these large complicated plots, keep them interesting, and remember to follow through with them. I’ll have to admit that I could tell who the bad guy would turn out to be half way through the book even though my cousin swears she didn’t see it coming.

Maybe its cause I knew deep down as a writer myself and an avid reader the truth, or maybe I’m just good at picking up on the clues, but I knew ahead of time who it would be. Throughout the book I kept hoping that it wouldn’t be who I thought it was, but my guy feeling was right. Therefore, I’m sad not only at why the bad guy turned bad or what happened to him in the end, but I’m sad that such a good character would turn. 

As for the rest of the end, I thought it was a fairly good ending and I’m happy to see a good ending for Beka. Admittedly, I’m sad what happened to some of the characters, but I guess it had to happen. Overall I really loved this story and I’m looking forward to more Tamora Pierce’s novels. 

On Goodreads: Mastiff

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