I discovered in high school Evernote after my Microsoft Office subscription combusted and I lost everything I had saved on my OneNote. Since then I’ve used Evernote on and off and find it useful for a variety of things.

One of things I find interesting about the program is their templates for their notes. I thought it would be interesting to break down their creative writing templates and if they’re useful or not.

Story Premise Worksheet

For someone who’s never done a worksheet like this before, I like their little explanation at the top of each worksheet. I think it’s a great way to introduce users to the template and how to use it.

Then I think they did a good job setting up each of the categories- Setting, Main Character, Antagonist, Situation, Inciting Event, and Conflict. I would also include things like genre, side characters, subplot, etc.

Character profile

I think their character profile is pretty good although there is a lot more I have seen that are very indepth compared to this one. I guess if you want a decent simple character profile sheet, this would be a good one.

I might use something like this for side characters but I would use more indepth worksheets for my main characters.

The section I like the best in this one is the speech section. I don’t see a lot of character sheets include this, so I think it’s a nice one that sets it apart. I think considering the voice of your character is really important, especially if you’re writing from multiple POVs.

Story dashboard

I think this is a decent overview of a novel and would be useful for keep track of things about your book. I think it’s kinda similar however to the first worksheet but I think modifying this for your own novels would be beneficial.

Trying to keep everything organized for and about our novels can be a struggle, especially if we’re writing longer stories or multiple books.

novel 3 act structure

I think this is a great worksheet if you have never been forced to fill one out for English classes in high school. I personally don’t really think about the 3 act structure that much while I’m writing. I do consider all the sections but I personally think filling one of these out for my books would be a bit over kill.

This is really great if you’re a plotster vs a pantster and you really love having an outline ready to go while you’re writing.


In short, I find their templates to be a little simplistic compared to other similar worksheets found online. Overall, I think these would be helpful for someone with a Type A personality or who is just beginning

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