Total Words written: 1, 395

This week I’ve been working on my space opera novel, A Star so Dark and I made sure to spend some time writing. I have a goal to finish it by the end of the summer. I’m about half way through, so I think I’m getting close.

I’m including the scene below because I might delete it later but I’m not really sure. It’s one of those filler scenes, I guess. It’s not super important to the plot, but it’s supposed to show some character development by the end of it.

So I might end up cutting it out later on, but I’m not positive. I enjoy writing battle and fight scenes.

This is one of the first novels that I haven’t really tried to plot out. Usually I’m a plotter instead of a panster, but this novel has been working a bit differently for me.

Also, I apologize at the moment that I’m just sharing a screenshot of what I wrote. It’s not very accessible, but I’m a bit nervous about people being able to copy and paste my words. However, I do plan on reading it outloud as an audio section, so I plan on updating it. I’m also willing to share more privately.

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