February was a slow month for me. I was a bit more productive than I planned to be.

Although I planned on spending most of the month focusing on my novels and on my blog, my OCD got the better of me and I ended up focusing on some career moments.

I was happy though that my grandparents (all four) were able to get the first dose of the vaccine so at least I won’t have to worry as much about them. However, I also ended up having a Covid scare.

At the beginning of the month, my car went into the ditch on an icy off ramp. My car and I were both alright since I was going pretty slow. While I was waiting for a tow truck to come rescue me in -2 below weather, one of my good friends from college came and kept me company.

We both kept our masks on the whole time while we sat in her truck and waited about 45 minutes.

Later that week, she texted me and said that she found out someone she had been around the day before my car incident had tested positive for Covid and she was going to get one.

A couple days later, she said hers came back negative. Which we thought was great.

However, about a week later, I found out that she came down with symptoms so she must have gotten a negative test or she got it afterwards from someone else. However, we found out about this 12 days after we last saw her and my roommate and I haven’t had any symptoms.

Either we’re both lucky and are symptom-free or we’re lucky and didn’t get it.

So I guess I can say that’s been my closest call with the virus so far. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the vaccine soon.

Febuary Stats

Febuary blogposts

If you don’t follow me already on Instagram, I started a bookstagram and here are some of my favorite posts from February!

BTW I am a professional designer IRL and love making book covers like these. So if you ever need a book cover, feel free to reach out!
I love flowers and so I picked up a bunch of fake ones for Valentine’s day and to use as props.


Looking forward to March, I think I will be pretty busy however I have some blog posts planned out for the month.

I am really excited to continue posting on my bookstagram as well and I hope to find more cute props to use. Hopefully the library will open up soon and I can rent some books to take for pictures since I don’t actually own a lot of books.

I admit in March I’m going to be pretty busy doing freelance, my side gig, and working on some career stuff. Like I shared in one of my Instagram posts, I actually work as a designer in my everyday life and I love making custom book covers. I wish I was better at illustration since that is really popular right now but I love doing photo and typography covers.

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