Honestly there’s nothing better than having the perfect atmosphere to read in. I’ve been trying to make time for reading lately, and I’ve been gathering a certain aesthetic when I read.

So I decided to try and illustrate what makes the perfect reading time for me. I’ve divided them into winter and summer seasons so get a better idea of how my reading habits change throughout the year.

Winter Reading

I love lighting a good candle or having a fireplace near by. At my current place, we have a little electric fireplace but it’s not meant to be used for long periods of time or really warm the place up.

a pug wrapped up in a tan blanket

Like this pug, I took enjoy being cocooned into a nice warm blanket. I personally like to keep it a bit cooler inside so that I can be extra cozy in a thick sweater and a blanket. Bonus points for my weighted or heated blanket.

a light blue mug on top of a stack of books

I love nothing more than sitting down with a hot cup of tea, hot chocolate, or coffee. In the winter time, my favorite tea are the Celestial Seasonings flavors Mandarin Orange Spice, Bengal Spice, and Vermont Maple Ginger. I also love my stash of Teavana’s White Chocolate Peppermint.

I recently bought some expensive dark hot chocolate that’s fair trade and honestly it’s really good. Totally worth it but not something I would buy as often.

a winter evening in a town square

Obviously reading during a snowfall is ideal. There’s nothing better than being stuck inside during a blizzard with a good book.

I also enjoy reading at night usually. I think that’s the coziest time of day to read. Especially with a nice dim lamp so it’s not too bright or too dark to read.

Summer Time

I love finding cute spaces outdoors during the summer time to read. There are a lot of great parks and gardens here in my city where I can read on a summer afternoon. Bonus points if the local cafes have a nice outdoor seating arrangement.

While I love drinking hot beverages in the winter, there’s nothing more refreshing than iced tea in the summer. I also love iced coffee but depending on the time of day, I try not to drink coffee into the afternoon.

a girl looking away wearing a straw wide brim hat with a black ribbon on it
Photo by Ava Sol @avasol

To me reading outside in the summertime, requires a great hat, some sunglasses, and sun screen. Nothing is worse than reading and realizing you have a bad sunburn 4 hours later. So I always try to be in a bit of shade and bring some sun block with me so I can read safely.

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