FETCH: The apparition, double, or wraith of a living person.

In the attic, in an old sea chest, secreted away, are a mysterious journal and a set of runes: 24 stones that will change Sky’s life forever.

When Sky and his cousin Kristin find their Norwegian grandfather’s runes, Sky feels like the wait is over, like he can now release the breath he wasn’t even aware he’d been holding. But when he lays out the stones in a runecast they find in Sigurd’s journal, he is catapulted into a world filled with more possibilities and more danger than he ever imagined.

This first entry in the Runestone Saga is an utterly unique blend of horror, supernatural possibility, and historical truth that will leave readers wrung out from tension and clamoring for more

So when I first saw this book in the library, I was a little hesitant. I wasn’t sure if this would be horror or not so I waited and the next time I went in, I picked up this book. For the most part, I enjoyed this book. It has a unique setting and plot, one I don’t think I’ve seen before, and so I was interested. I’ve also been interested lately in runes and norse mythology. 

Anyways, the characters were interesting. I thought that Sky was a good, well rounded character. Both him and this cousin were. They acted like normal children for the most part- until the part where they went to a different country without his parent’s knowledge. Then it was a bit sketchy at time. 

The story was interesting enough with bits of mystery and creepiness to it to keep my entertained. The ending was interesting although I didn’t really like it. It was a good ending, with twists and lots of creepiness to it, but I’m just not into that kind of things I think. 
Overall I enjoyed the book but I didn’t like how Sky and his cousin decide to hop off to another country without his parents permission when they didn’t even know what would happen when they got there. 

On Goodreads: The Fetch

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