Hi everyone,

March…March has been a bit insane.

HOWEVER, I got FANTASTIC news a couple of days ago and I CANNOT express how incredibly excited I am to have accepted a job offer for my dream career (outside of being a published author).

Because of how insane March was, I didn’t stay super up to date with this blog or with my bookstagram. Usually I’m commenting on posts or editing throughout the month, but this month I had to focus on some other things going on in my life.

Needless to say, it paid off and now I’m a very happy camper.

March Stats

March saw less pageviews and little interaction compared to other months. Overall, it wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t as swell as it could have been.

Again, I contribute this mostly to my lack of interaction and mostly setting things into auto pilot for the month.

Interestingly, my Japanese posts continue to do well, but considering they’re reposts from my old blog where they were preforming well, I’m not surprised. I’m interested in looking at my analytics more indepth though and seeing where the views are coming from.

I’m always really interested in seeing what countries the views come from because they change month to month if you don’t count the USA.

I think I posted a bit less than I did in February but December and January really saw the most posts. I don’t really have a posting goal other than a couple of times a week.

On my previous blog that I ran, I had a really good streak of posting almost every day. On this blog however, I don’t stick to categories as often like I did there.

I enjoy sharing these overall blog posts to see how my overall blog presence has increased month to month.

March Posts

April Forecast

Buying a Paid Plan

Ya’ll, since I got this new job, I’m planning on sticking with my original goal for this year and upgrading this blog to a new paid plan so that I can get better content.

Planned and Fresh Content

I have some blog posts planned out for this month already, however I have more fresh content in the works. Some of it will be catching up from March since I wasn’t really around, but others will be with the month.

I’ll also be trying to get back into the swing of my bookstagram now that I won’t be planning on working on 500 different things as much as I did in March.

Importing Old Content

I’m continuing in my quest to import content over onto this blog so don’t be surprised if you continue to see those. There are a lot of old book reviews to share.

Goal: Read and Write more often again

I haven’t been reading as much as I would like, but the library is opening up soon. I’m considering going in person to grab some books, however I might borrow some books and buy some used copies.

Along those lines, I haven’t been writing as much either. I really need to work on my WIP, but now that I won’t be as stressed, I’m hoping to get back into that.

Latest Posts

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