Hi everyone, a couple months ago I bought a brand new bookshelf and wanted to show everyone what I put on it. If you’ve been over on my Instagram, you probably saw a preview of this.

I have the bookshelf split but books/decor/books/decor/books due to the way the shelf ends are made. I specifically got this bookshelf for this reason. I wanted something beautiful that I could display my books and some of my other things on it as well.

On the top shelf, this shelf I’m planning on using it as my fiction and writing shelf. All of the books on here are roughly the same size. I haven’t decided yet if I would like to organize the books by author, color, genre, or something else yet. Got any ideas?

This shelf displays my makeup and some of my jewelry as well. I don’t keep my makeup in my bathroom in order to keep it fresh longer. I say some of my jewelry because I actually have a necklace stand and a bracelet stand on my nightside table as well. I own a lot of jewelry.

Eventually, I would like to have an actual vanity where I could set up just my makeup. Or I would like to get a gold and glass bookcase to display my makeup and jewelry all on and keep this one strictly to books and decor.

This shelf is kinda a hot mess. I actually need another shelf for my books, but right now I’m trying to save money. So unless I happen to find another dream bookcase on sale or Facebook Marketplace, this will do for now.

The row behind holds a mixture of taller books. They range from nonfiction to fiction. The front row of books is almost all fiction books, mostly paper backs. I have several mini journals here and a couple of nonfiction books as well.

This shelf holds my rock collection. Another time I would like to have a display case dedicated to my rocks and I would love to have bigger rocks as well. Rocks are actually expensive though and since I move around a lot, I keep smaller rocks.

The books in the middle are actually a keepsake box, but it just holds more rocks so it lives on the shelf. I love having glass display boxes for my rocks so it keeps them in good condition and you can see them at all angles.

In the small gold box holds my mica and other easily breakable stones. The amethyst box actually holds more necklaces and jewelry.

This shelf is another hot mess. The stack of books on the left are actually too tall for this shelf so eventually I need something taller for those. They’re also my collection of college textbooks and other nonfiction craft books. And yes, I still like to keep my college textbooks unless they’re really out of date.

Then I have a variety of journals, notebooks, and nonfiction books as well. I need a better way of organizing these, but I’m not positive yet. I think a lot will depend on when eventually I can get:
A) A display bookcase for my makeup/jewelry
B) A display case for my rocks
C) Another bookcase with hopefully adjustable shelves so I can have room for my tall books as well as my shorter paperback books as well.

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