I meant to post this several days ago but then got really distracted and forgot. I’ll be posting my review of the next couple of episodes tomorrow.

I read Shadow and Bone like…10 years ago?????

Oh God, so long ago…

Anyways, I was REALLY excited when I first heard about this and that it was really happening.

I feel a lot of YA fantasy novel shows don’t really end up working out. (Well I’m thinking of all the YA dystopian shows that got canceled)

I watched the first two episodes yesterday and I have thoughts. My roommate who has never read any of the books also watched with me.

She was very confused. Since I know the background of the books, it helped that I could explain, but a lot of things were glazed over and not explained very well. I would say this is a show for fans.

For the most part I felt the actors were cast really well and they fit the versions I had imagined in my head really well.

However I don’t remember the racism a lot. Maybe it’s cause I glazed over that when I first read the books, but I really don’t remember it that much.

It also felt really forced and awkward in the first episode. Like it was brought up multiple times and it felt very superficial.

The plot makes a lot of sense for Shadow and Bone, I think they did a great job of keeping that close to the original and it makes a lot of sense to follow along.

However, the Six of Crows add in I don’t think was done as well. Especially knowing that Six of Crows is set a long time after the original books. I’m not entirely sure how they’re going to pull off a heist with Shadow and Bone’s plot.

Six of Crow scenes felt really rushed in the beginning and I felt were a bit hard to follow what was happening.

I also think we got a decent introduction right away to the Shadow and Bone characters but not as much as the Six of Crow characters. Granted we learn a little more of some of their backgrounds, but I don’t think as much as the S&B ones.

When they introduced one of the characters in from Shadow and Bone to the Six of Crows plot, there was no explanation of how he got there. It seemed wild to me that the Grisha would have let him out of their sight so easily.

The scenery was really nice and I think the costumes are really pretty and fit within what I had imagined based on the books. However, the coats look little…costume-y.

Overall, I think the show does a great job of keeping with the books except for Six of Crows. I wish they hadn’t combined them so there would be more content for later seasons and it wouldn’t be so confusing for people who have and haven’t read the books.

Also I wish the superficial racism had been left out. There isn’t any kind of nuance commentary about it and it seems actually offensive to have put it in at all.

I wish in later seasons, the writers either have a better discussion about racism within the show or they just don’t include it at all.

However, that being said, I do think they did a good job of including more POC (although there could be a lot more!) and I love Jasper’s character in this new version.

2 thoughts on “My Review of the Shadow and Bone first and second episode.

  1. Sometimes it feels like memos are sent out telling Hollywood producers that they must include certain hot button issues in what they are making, but you’re right, if it feels forced, you should not do it. It needs to feel more authentic to have anywhere near the impact they are hoping to achieve. I’ve watched the first two episodes and enjoyed them but I’ve never read the books. Could definitely see where that would have helped.


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