Hi everyone,

This month was unexpectedly busy for me! I started a new job and I took on a big side gig. I’m glad I had blog posts planned ahead.

April Stats

I had a lot more views and visitors compared to last month which was great! I didn’t get as many comments however but I got a decent amount of likes.

One of my Japanese history blog posts continues to preform well although the archives page surprisingly did well! I was hoping my Shadow and Bone review would do well and I’ll be looking forward to posting the installment soon.

The search engine picked up this month and the WordPress reader continues to help out. I’m always a little bit surprised that Facebook draws a decent amount of views for doing absolutely no promotion on it.

This chart isn’t surprising that the US is number one although I see that India is gathering a decent amount of visitors! I have been keeping India in my thoughts this month as they battle Covid. I hope all my Indian visitors stay safe!

April Blogposts

May Forecast

May will hopefully not be as busy as April was.

However the next couple of posts might be a little chaotic.

I started turning blog posts into audio versions last month and plan on continuing that this month. Does anyone have any preference on the voice reader or having me personally read them out loud?

I’m planning on creating a poll about it.

I’m also planning on hosting some guest bloggers and some interviews coming up so if you’d be interested in being interviewed, let me know!

I’ve also been thinking about doing a series around books and cooking this summer but we’ll see what I can come up with.

Hopefully this summer since I will have some more free time, I plan on reading more books and hopefully have some new book reviews to post rather than my old content.

Also I will be buying a bigger theme plan this month so that I can upgrade the theme to something a little nicer.

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