Hi everyone,

I’m back with more thoughts.

To start this off, you can read my previous thoughts about the first two episodes before reading these ones.

There will be spoilers in here so I suggest if you haven’t watched these to stop reading here. Or if you haven’t read the books yet.

I will say as a disclaimer that I haven’t finished reading the Six of Crows books, I stopped reading half way through the first one and DNF’d it.

I think the show is keeping in line with the S&B books pretty well.

My roommate and I watched these ones together and I’ll be including some of her comments. As in the first two episodes, she was really confused what was going on most of the time.

I enjoyed seeing her at the Little Palace and enjoy the characters interactions. I thought it was interesting they including more diverse characters but we don’t see a lot of racism or sexism directed at them unless it’s about Alina’s background.

Alina’s show of power in the throne room was a fun scene although I wish they would make her displays of power a little more interesting other than summoning balls of light.

However, I enjoyed the cameo by the author in this scene.

Zoya’s intense jealously and dislike of her right away I think isn’t explored a lot until we get to episode 6. I think they could have spent more time with her interactions with Alexander and the other Grisha.

Also showing more of the other powers would be awesome.

I enjoyed the Six of Crows tie in these episodes, we begin to actually meet the characters a bit more and see their personalities. However, I think it’s interesting that they start with Nina as her flashback in the original books.

And then gave her a connection to the Grisha in Shadow and Bone which she didn’t in the books.

However, I think starting with this makes a lot more sense. One of the things that drove me a little nuts about Six of Crows is that we start out with this intense hatred from Mattias. I always felt it was a bit much having just met the characters.

So I enjoy that they are starting out with how they originally met even though I’m interested in seeing what their characters will do later in the show.

I think out of all the Six of Crows, I think Jasper stands out. Him and Milo the Goat of course. The actor does a great job with him and I think better represents him and the actual character did in the books.

I enjoy that Nina’s faith is explored more in the show and they did a great job connecting it to Alina. It adds some tensions and dimension to her and to Alina as well that the original books didn’t have.

However, I think it’s interesting they chose to make her so insistent on not using her knives to kill people in the show. I don’t remember her being like that in the books. It’s been a while since I read them though so I might not be remembering everything correctly.

Mal however signing up to find the Stag and finding though was pretty spot on. I thought this was a really intense scene and it was so sad when his friends died.

My roommate really loves Jasper over the other characters and said she wasn’t as emotional when Mal’s friends died. I agree with her that the Six of Crows storyline brings a lot more excitement to the show than Shadow and Bone actually does. However, the Six of Crow characters were not introduced very well until they start getting more into the Shadow and Bone territory.

I wish that the racism wouldn’t be so shallow and I hope it doesn’t continue as the show progresses. It’s weird when it’s only really directed at Alina and we’re never really told why no one likes the Shu.

One of the things I did like about the original books is how religion does play a role throughout them. I don’t see a lot of YA fantasy and science fiction tackle religious topics and so I think it was interesting that it was made into a plot point.

However, I think if done correctly, religion in books can really help make a world more rich to it’s audience and I don’t think authors should always shy away from it.

Another character I wish they would have introduced better is Baghra. Her background is never really explained until later in the season and I felt gave the show more Harry Potter fantasy school vibes.

She plays an important role later on and so I think it’s a bit sad they couldn’t fit something more in about her. Plus we don’t really get to see what exactly she does to help train Alina. We hear that she’s a tough trainer but does well. Nothing beyond that though.

One of the scenes I enjoyed was when she eats at the Little Palace and she learns she has a taste tester. My roommate and I both thought the scene was a bit humorous.

Overall, going to keep watching because I do think they did a good job. However, I think things could be explained more.

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