Everytime I think things are going to calm down, no they don’t.

Personally, things are going well although I am very busy and hoping eventually not to be. So I apologize for the week absent without posting. Things got really chaotic and I just wasn’t able to post anything recently.

I got to finally be home for a couple of weeks this month however we have a sick cat so the house has been chaotic.

On top of that, my full time job has been REALLY busy although going well! Things are finally starting to open up and I’m excited to be vaccinated so I can hang out with my friends for my birthday.

May Stats

456 views, 300 visitors, 55 likes, 2 comments

It looks like my views and number of visitor went up a lot compare to April! This is really exciting.

I didn’t get as many comments as I was hoping however I myself did not comment a lot on other blogs and articles like I usually do. I’m hoping to put more time into that this month.

My Japanese post continues to preform well although I’m not surprised. I’m glad to see some of my bookish posts did as well as did my writing posts. I’m hoping to post another review of Shadow and Bone soon.

I saw they finally renewed it for a second season! I’m excited to see what it happens as I’m expecting it to go along with the second Shadow and Bone book although not sure where they will take the Six of Crows storyline. Maybe they’ll finally pick up where the first book begins?

My clicks aren’t anything too exciting or surprising honestly.

I found it exciting to see Ecosia rise in my referrals as I’ve been trying to promote that search engine. Apparently they help plant trees for every search that you do, so be sure to check it out!

I found it interesting that besides the USA, a lot of my views came from Sweden and the UK this time! Very interesting!

May Posts

June Forecast

Obviously June has been very chaotic and I’m HOPING IT WILL CALM DOWN SOON IDK WE WILL SEE I GUESS.

I’m borrowing some books from some friends this month so I’m hoping to actually sit down some time and read those so I have some new reviews to share. It’s also my birthday month so I’ve already told some people I would like books for my birthday and am hoping they will finally follow through with that.

I’m thinking of picking the BookPage magazine again soon now that the library is open and I need to actually get a new library card again. Where I live, you have to get a separate library card for each library instead of one library card for each county.

I think it’s a little silly.

Since we’re planning on moving towards the end of the summer though, I’m also thinking I might wait to renew my library card then.

Beyond that, I’m hoping to mix up my posts soon with some fun and exciting content, but for now to get me through the month, don’t be surprised if I do some more reposts from the old blog.

Also hoping to sit down and work on my novel for Camp Nanowrimo in July. I have a fresh new book idea I’m hoping to work on for that so don’t be surprised if you see me post a lot of writing related content then.

EVENTUALLY I will finish recording blog posts so that we have an audio version of those and I will eventually buy a new blog theme and subscription. But for now we’ll just hang in there.

LAtest Posts

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