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When I was in High School, Facebook was still all the rage. I had just made my account freshman year and wasn’t really aware of how it worked as much as I do now. For context, I ended up studying communications in college and so now I’m very aware.

That being said, this probably wasn’t the brightest idea of my teacher. And in hindsight, I really should have deleted these pages as soon as the class ended. However, I didn’t really think that much of them until a couple of years ago when I went back on them and realized they went viral.

Now mind that “viral” can be defined in a lot of different ways. We tried to go viral in my communication classes but no one really got that far.

These days, going viral I think counts as at least a million or 500k views or likes on a piece of content. Of course, it also depends on the platform.

My Book Report Pages

First Book Review Page: Eona by Allison Goodman

Highest count reached: 804 likes

Currently: 651

Second Page: A Kiss in Time

Highest count: 401

Currently: 309

Internet & Critical Thinking

This year will probably be the year I delete them for real since There’s at least 900 some people who think they’re liking an actual book page and not a fake one.

However, I think it also goes to show that you shouldn’t automatically believe everything you see on Facebook or on the internet in general.

I don’t even super trust videos and images even more since I know DeepFake technology exists and people will use it for any purpose they want.

To highlight, I think later this year I would like to start a series about how to read critically on the internet and how to make judgement calls about if something is real or not. I think a lot of people’s main problem is that they don’t bother to take the time to fact check or themselves or they will use biased sources that confirm their beliefs.

Fanfiction and Fanart

In today’s world where books are becoming popular again, I think these kind of pages I don’t personally agree with anymore.

While I think fan generated content on the internet is allowed, should be continued to be allowed, and is important, I also think of some key points here.

These days I think publishing fanfiction and fan art is acceptable (as long as you’re not trying to pass it off as an original creation), however it’s important to make that distinction for our viewers.

Up until a couple of years ago, I never made any announcements that the pages weren’t real and I think the purpose was hidden in the about info. This is something I should have made public sooner years and years ago.

I think we should always be honest about what is fan creation and what is the artist or creator’s original actual work. This keeps the internet honest and easier for people to find what they actually want.

I’m honestly not that much of a fan creator myself, I’ve never really done anything in the same of fan art or writing. I do however occasionally enjoy some fan art and fan fiction, especially with some TV series I’ve watched recently.

But I don’t really go out of my way to find it unlike a lot of people I actually know.

I think its great that the internet has given a sense of community around shared interests.

The Effects These had on Me

I think it’s honestly a little funny the number of people who still like these pages going on 10 years or so. I’ve posted numerous times that these pages were made for a school assignment and aren’t the actual book pages.

The authors have never reached out to me so I’m honestly not aware of how aware they even are.

Mostly on my Eona page, I’ve seen the most interaction there from random people on the internet talking about the book.

In the past I would occasionally post random things about the books on these in an effort to maintain some kind of community. I felt since people were liking these pages, I had a responsibility to keep the pages up because I was afraid people would be confused if I deleted them.

These days, I try to redirect them to the real book page if I see any new posts on there.

My life never really changed much since publishing these pages and I did well on these assignments in school. I’ve always been curious if any of my classmates left their pages up or not and if that teacher still assigns students to make these pages.

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