(From Goodreads) Olivia Martin was eight years old when she was stung by a honeybee and given a permanent nickname by her best friend and neighbor Lex Diamond. She shared her heartbreak, her joy, and her first kiss with him. She fell in love, and he walked away. With senior year coming to a close, a lot has changed between the former best friends.

Olivia’s only goals are to make it through her final weeks as a senior intact, keep Bethany out of trouble, and ignore the blond boy across the street. But when a new guy comes into the picture, Olivia finds her attention divided between the boy she loves, and the boy who shows an interest. With her best friend Bethany at her side, Olivia will try to get over Lex and find love with someone new.

But it isn’t easy when Lex is intent on pushing back into her life. Will Olivia get over Lex when school’s out? Or will their rekindling friendship heat up with the summer temperatures? Not all bees die after the first sting.

(Note: I apologize for the wacky font) Out of all the general/contemporary Young Adult fiction I read this year, “Hello, Honeybee” was one of my favorites. For self publishing it this past year, Caity H did a wonderful and impressive job, with the book having a wonderful quality to it that most self published books seem to lack.

For anyone who enjoys a love story or something to twist your heart and steal it away, “Hello, Honeybee” is a must read. From the writing style to the fresh and original plot and characters, I couldn’t have been more pleased and found few faults.

The story is about Olivia (whom Lex calls Honeybee throughout the story) and Lex Diamond, who as children were best friends until in 8th grade when Lex kissed her, walked away from their friendship, and made Olivia’s high school years regrettable.

That is until their senior year and a few weeks away from graduation when all of the sudden, Lex begins to flirt and even try to make up for his behavior! But Olivia is done with his charade and meets a new guy, Ryan. Ryan is swoon worthy and adorable in every sense of the world. The way they met is almost every girl’s desire or one of the ways they wish a girl could meet a guy.

But for both Olivia and Lex, the next couple of weeks turn out to be something less than expected. Their relationship and how they treat each other is adorable, even when they fight, but leaves Olivia confused.

At times you want them to be together and other times the story leaves you shaking your head. And let’s not forget Olivia’s best friend who happens to be funny, slightly annoying, but the overall great best friend that we all know and love.

The story is filled with hilarious moments, cute and romantic scenes, and although there are some parts that are cheesy, the story is filled with realistic characters. At times Olivia does seem to act childish and goes a little overboard, but overall she a good main lead who struggled with things that most girls have faced some point or another.

Although Ryan is swoon worthy and Lex can at times be annoying, both male characters exhibit real emotions and reactions to things that go on. Overall, a few cheesy moments and heart wrenching points beside, the story is worth reading.

Especially if you like stories that make your inner romantic side swoon. You can find “Hello, Honeybee” on Amazon in paperback or kindle and you can also follow Caity H on her facebook.

Goodreads: Hello Honeybee

Author Facebook Page: Caity H

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