I’ve been thinking a lot about online writing communities. After all, some of my favorite people came from my OG, Inkpop. A lot of people really either love or dislike online writing communities and I find there is a lot of vast differences in different sites. Some of them are paid or free and they have different focuses.

Research into Online Communities

I’m currently working on research about online writing communities.

I’m fascinated by how writers find ways to connect with each other and with their readers. My current survey looks into the reasons writers join communities like Wattpad and what their ideal website looks like.

The end goal is to eventually produce a website for writers by writers, one that’s driven by research. As you can see in the list below, there are a lot of options already, but I’m interested in finding out if those websites fit the needs and desires of the community or not. And what we can do to improve upon them.

A List of Writer Communities Online

Writer’s Communities Website Comparison List

Wattpad – Another online writing website.

Booksie – Once again… I’ve never been on it.

Writer’s Cafe – A good one. I’ve heard this one is recommended by several professionals.

Mibba – A fellow member on Inkpop recommends this site more for beginners because of “all the fanfiction”.

Scribophile – It says it’s a serious site for writers. Focuses more on the craft of writing.

Fifteen Minutes of Fiction – This site only requires you to write for fifteen minutes a day. And once you’ve completed your time you can publish them to the site.

Scribd – I’m not sure if this belongs in this category or not, but anyways, you can share documents here with your friends and stuff.

Inkitt– This site has an app, gives you the chance to be published, and allows you to explore and review other writer’s books.

Fan Fiction – The site where you can post fan fiction.

Fiction Press – Fanfiction’s sister site where you can post original fiction.

Critique Circle – Another “serious site” for writers, focuses more on the craft of writing. This particularly site really focuses on getting and receiving critiques from other writers.


Protagonize– Another more serious-ish site for writers. Focuses a lot on story development.

ReviewFuse– I heard its good for reviews, although I think the forums are a little dead.

Story Bird– According to the website, “Storybirds are short, art-inspired stories you can make and share on any device.”

Inked Voices– A site for critique and collab groups for writers. It sounds really awesome. (Unfortunately, there is a fee to pay for its services but it isn’t much if you’d like to pay $10 a month).

Camp Nanowrimo– Like Nanowrimo, but the Camp version happens in the summer, usually in June or August, where you spend a month trying to write 50,000 words!

*As of March 1st 2012, Inkpop no longer exists.
*As of 2015, Authonomy and Valorpen no longer exists.

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