This month I decided to sit down and have a better look at my analytics. I have a background in marketing so I’ve been trying to improve the site’s SEO. I’m focusing currently on improving simple stuff like my images and header tags. Next month I’m going to focus more on keywords and eventually backlinks.

This month had its ups and downs for me personally.

My job is going well and we’re going to be moving to a new apartment which I’m really excited about. Mostly because it’s close to my job, it has built in bookcases, and it’s literally across the street from the LIBRARY.

I cannot express how excited I am about that bit.

I was originally planning on using some birthday money to buy a lot of books this month but some friends convinced me to just go to the library and use my money on some other things I’ve been wanting.

So alas, the books will wait.

I’m also planning on being more frugal after we move because the apartment will be more expensive than what we’ve been paying for in the past. I don’t spend a lot in the first place, but there are some items I’m going to have to chill on.

I’m also planning on getting a new vehicle soon so I will have a car payment soon I’ll also have to pay for.

Stats for June

Views and visitors for June 2021​
Number of views + visitors for June

I got more views in June than I did in April, however not as much as I did in May! May was a great month for me, and we’ll eventually see what I can do to match that number or beat it in the future. However, this is still grow this month so not bad!

Referrals for June 2021 (Google, WordPress reader, Facebook, Twitter)​
Referrals for June 2021 (Google, WordPress reader, Facebook, Twitter)

Most of my referrals came from search engines, although I haven’t seen yet what people are searching to find my blog. I plan on setting up better analytics soon so I can look more into that.

However, I still find it interesting that I get more views from Facebook then I do Twitter considering I’m more active on Twitter than I am Facebook. I’m trying to think of more ways to be engaging on my Facebook page.

Top read blog posts for June 2021​
Top read blog posts for June 2021

My Japanese post continues to perform well which I was expecting considering it did well on my other blog. However, I’m glad to see my post about the book reports I made in high school did well. I was hoping people would enjoy that random story time post.

Top Countries Visited (USA, Canada, Australia) ​
Top Countries Visited (USA, Canada, Australia)

Unsurprisingly, three major English speaking countries are my top viewers considering this blog is in English. I think it would be fun to see more viewers from other countries as well.

Blog Posts I Wrote in June

Plans for July 2021

I am planning on participating with a new novel idea for Nanowrimo this month. I haven’t yet won Nanowrimo but I will give it a shot.

However I know I will be really busy with work this month so I don’t know if I will have a lot of time to win.

For upcoming blog posts, I will talk a bit about my new idea and give writing updates.

I’m also planning on some normal blog content such as blog posts I’ve read, book reviews, maybe a history post, and a discussion post here and there. I’m thinking of starting a segment where I talk about writing related news and tea but we’ll see!

I have a series of blog posts coming up I’m working on. One series is related to book design, another actually to journalism. One I’m also planning is internet literacy which is a topic I’m actually pretty passionate about.

Other blog series are in the works and I’m trying to think of more regular weekly posts I can be doing rather than focusing on month to month type of posts.

  • History related
  • Fantasy or Genre related
  • Weekly tea, rants, and news
  • Internet analysis
  • Weekly book analysis (possibly of random stories I find on Wattpad or other sources?)
  • Book cover reviews
  • Etc.

I’ve also been thinking of publishing some templates for people to make use of. Templates of what I’m not exactly positive yet, but I’ve been trying to think of book and writing related ones.

Also planning on buying a new blog upgrade soon that I keep mentioning. I’ve been stuck between which plan to choose but I think I’ve made up my mind at this point.

I will also continue working on the audio versions of each of my blog posts. I’ve decided to use the “Alexa” voice for now since I have a tendency to talk weird and I might record some audio only posts at a later point when I think of some content for that.

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