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These posts are from the week of June 18th- 26th. I didn’t post it sooner as I have been really busy with work lately. Hoping to start posting these semi regularly.

How to Name Your Sci-Fi Character

This short post has some good ideas. I think naming characters in science fiction and fantasy is really hard because you don’t always want to go with a name like Gary for your character but in contemporary fiction you can.


I especially found the tag line for the first book to be really compelling. I think a lot of taglines are borderline cheesy or generic, but they are really hard to write. You don’t want to give anything important away, but you want to catch readers attention. I think this is such a fun book post idea!

3rd Quarter 2021 5 Star Predictions

I hadn’t heard of some of these books or didn’t know the sequel or last book was coming out (like the sequel to Raybearer!). But a lot of these books sound really exciting and I’m hoping to check them out at my local library soon.

Book Recommendations: Pride Month Edition – 10 Books with Trans, Non-Binary and Genderqueer Rep to Read During Pride Month!

I think there were a lot of exciting books mentioned in this post. I don’t see a lot of books outside of lesbian, gay, and bi books, so this list was really interesting to me. I think The Witch King, The Seep, and In the Watchful City all sound especially really interesting to me.

Get To Know the Fantasy Reader Tag

This is such a fun tag! I love fantasy and would love to do a version like this on my own blog. I think its so nice that there is so many different aspects to fantasy to have something for everyone.

Mini Reviews: Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall + Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Pérez + Mediocre by Ijeoma Oluo

I have been a big feminist since I got to college and I think these all sound like really interesting books to read. I’ve read a couple of feminist focused books in the past and I always find them to be really insightful and they also usually get me heated.

Making Research Invisible, Or At Least Not Intrusive

I don’t write a lot of nonfiction however I have really been enjoying reading nonfiction since college. I think it’s all about finding a subject that sounds interesting and a good writer. I think making research invisible can be really important, especially if you’re writing historical fiction.


The cover for this book is absolutely beautiful. Especially for a science fiction story. I’m really excited to find this book eventually although I appreciated this review to know that the way it’s written might be challenging to get through.

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