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I saw this tag a couple of weeks ago and thought it was a fun topic to talk about.

As my bio states, I’m actually a science fiction and fantasy author other than just a book reviewer. Although I really enjoy reading and reviewing books, I also wanted a place where I could talk about books in general, writing, and other related topics.

When I first started blogging in 2012, I did a lot of book reviewing on my old blog but that was before things like BookTube and BookTok really took off. In those days, you found reviews either on book blogs or on Goodreads. There wasn’t a lot of other alternatives (that I know of).

I also read A LOT when I was in high school. I was really introverted and so I spent a lot of time at the library. Since I got to college though, my reading took a nose dive and I haven’t been able to get it back to where I used to be able to read a lot.

Because of that, I actually don’t read enough to consistently be able to post a lot of book reviews anymore. Thankfully I’m able to repost old book reviews, but right now I just am not reading a lot. I’m hoping later this year when I’m living across the street from the library, work isn’t as crazy, and I don’t have a lot of freelance, I’ll be able to post more fresh book reviews.

Besides that, I’m actually really interested in publishing and a lot of other book topics. I really enjoy debates around books and publishing and I enjoy writing as well. I think it’s important to have a niche for your blog and be able to talk about a variety of topics related to that niche.

Although I don’t have a set schedule like I used to, I have a variety of topics that are book related that I like to talk about.

  1. Book Reviews
  2. Publishing News
  3. Discussions/Opinions
  4. Writing Advice
  5. Genre specific topics
  6. Publishing Advice
  7. Personal Writing Related Topics
  8. Historical Research (historical fiction related)
  9. Etc.

Eventually, I might create a topic schedule, but for right now I like to blog based on what I’m feeling like talking about.

Every once in a while I will create posts around a theme for the month. For example, this month is Camp Nanowrimo, so I focused on writing related topics a little bit more. For National Woman’s History Month, I created a blog post about Badass Females and for June I had some LGBTQIA+ content planned but I didn’t get around to writing those.

These days, I think although people really enjoy reviews and they enjoy discussing books, I also think people want to see other topics as well from book bloggers. I think people really want to have discussions around books they enjoy or don’t enjoy. Especially if they are involved in the same fandom.

As a book blogger who focuses on writing, I think it’s especially hard to stand out when people are much more likely to engage with book related topics now on Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube instead. People don’t go to traditional blogs a lot as much anymore.

Therefore, I think to stand out, you need to understand the kinds of topics people enjoy talking about and reading about. You also need to know what will draw traffic to your blog. While book reviews will always draw in views, I think similar topics can draw in just as much as well.

Besides, we also have valid opinions about other book related topics. If you have been reading for a long time, you begin to pick up on themes, ideas, opinions about writing, etc that people will be interested in hearing about.

I don’t expect to gather in as many views as more video and image based formats get, but I do hope to create content that people enjoy still. I believe people who are really into books still enjoy traditional blogs and I think we have a lot to offer.

Having expectations for my goals allows me to know what kind of content I want to create and when. I know because currently I’m not trying to make any money off of this, I don’t have to create a lot of really intense or in depth content if I don’t want to.

Knowing that I don’t need to have this blog for a living allows me to focus more on what I enjoy writing about and talking about rather than what will get the most views and engagement. Although I do try to focus in a bit on my SEO when I remember to do so.

Eventually, I do plan on adding some ways to get money from this blog such as sponsorships, advertisements, and donations. But that is a ways off so not something I’m trying to focus on. Let’s be real, if I really wanted to make money, I wouldn’t be creating a book blog on WordPress.

This blog also serves as a website for my author related work. I write under a pen name and so having a website I think is important to me. Eventually when I publish my novels, they will be able to find me on here as well for that.

Some people would argue that it’s important for authors to have a web presence and so when I first created this site, I created it in mind as a landing place for my writing. However, I also just really enjoy talking about books and writing in general.

So last year during the pandemic, I wanted to have an outlet to talk about something other than the depressing situation. I didn’t want to restart up my old blog because it’s pretty old and not the best supported platform anymore.

I enjoy WordPress to a degree so I decided to log back into this one and just use it as a central place to talk about my passion instead. So while this continues to serve as a landing place for my author work, it’s also a dump for me to blab on and on about books and writing.

Therefore, I enjoy blogging about more than just book reviews. I enjoy books but also enjoy almost anything else related to books as well. And I believe having a space for all of that is important to me.

If I’m entertaining myself with these posts, then I’m sure someone will as well too.

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One thought on “Why I Blog more than just Book Reviews.

  1. Blogging has helped with my writing A LOT! Hence, why I was able to write so many essays, including the one I submitted to SFWA for publication. Reviews of any sort goes a long way, but we shouldn’t have to limit ourselves to writing just those.

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