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Honestly there is probably some book based app like this anyways, but if there isn’t, I’m prepared to offer up my idea for a low cost of 2.5 million dollars. This is a great, limited time only deal. I’m ready for the investors.

In all reality, I’ve been thinking a lot about dating apps recently. I haven’t dated anyone in over a year. I’ll go onto the apps and briefly talk to people and then stop. Part of it has been because I was getting settled into the swing of things and part of it is some other factors. I think I have a case of FOMO without actually wanting to date. Maybe also a case of slightly low self esteem if I’m being totally honest.

In any case, I wish that there was a popular app that was based around books. I think something like that would be a great way to get to know someone.

Concept #1: Dates Based by Books

In this concept, you link your Goodreads or other library app of choice to the dating app. The algrothrim scans through your books and then matches you either with people who also like the same books as you or match you with people who like similar books.

You could also select books yourself and see how your matches change based on what books you select.

If you’ve both read the same books, it’ll show you the review if they left one and then possibly they could answer some questions based on the books.

Kinda like, “if you were being chased by a serial killer on a space ship, would you A: throw them out the hatch or B: Escape out the escape pod?”

Concept #2: Dates based on Book Clubs

In this concept, you could be matched with a book club and a partner to read the books with. The partner changes each week or you’re assigned a book and a partner. With those partners, you have discussions around the book to start out with.

You could join a larger group for a “double date” where you read the book with another matched couple or with some friends that you’ve invited to the app along with the date you’ve matched with.

In another version of this, you can invite your book club friends to join the app and then pick out dates for you to talk to based on the books they like.

Concept #3: Blind Date a Book and a Partner

For this one, you would randomly be assigned a book to read. Based on if you like that book or not, it’ll then match you with someone else who also was assigned to read the book. Maybe this idea is really similar to the second idea, but I imagine this one to be time based.

So in this idea, you would have a couple of weeks to read the book and then a couple of weeks to talk to the person. If the book and person are agreeable, then you go on a date with them. If not, you’re randomly assigned another book to read and then another person as well.

Concept #4: Book Hunting

Another idea I’ve had is where you and a partner both select what kinds of books you like and don’t like before a date. You and the person then have to go to a library or bookstore and find a book that you think the other person would like.

Ideally you would then read the book before the date, but you could also read it during the date as well.

Concept #5: Silent Book Dates

You just show up with books and you read them together for an hour or so. Ideally, you might talk before or after you read the books, but you know sometimes it’s just nice to sit near another person and read books.

I’m just saying.

Going to a coffee shop and having coffee or hot chocolate or tea is optional but encouraged as well.

Concept #6: Book Themed Dates

Based on the kinds of books you like, the app suggests date activities based around a theme. If you really like fantasy maybe it’ll suggest you attend a comic con together or if they really like adventure books, maybe you’ll go geocaching.

This might be good for people who are bad at coming up with date ideas.

So as you can see, I have a lot of different ideas for book based app ideas. Some of my ideas are more fleshed out than others, but not all of them. If you are a developer, feel free to steal these and then let me know when you’re finished.

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