So October was BUSY mostly just in terms of blogging though!

I meant to blog every day of the month for Blogtober and was mostly successful. I ended up taking a break the last week due to several health issues that popped up.

It’s kinda hard to write with a mild concussion.

I thought it was interesting to see how my stats improved after a week and a half of posting every day. I think it’s part in thanks to writing good blog posts as well as posting consistently.

I’ll do a bigger post about my stay analysis later though.


Views for October (423, 102% increase)

After a week and a half of posting, I saw a big gain in views for the month. I almost caught up to my success in May but not quite. Still, the views were a large increase compared to the previous two months.

267 new visitors in October

This was a 59% increase compared to September which was pretty great. I found out my brother also was reading one of my blog posts after he decided to critique it over text messages. Thanks bro.

Popular Blog Posts for October

In terms of new Blog Posts, my character sheet did really week and I rode the Dune posts all the week up to the movie and past it. I think blogging around a popular cultural event helped drive traffic.

Referral sites for October

Nothing really new or surprising here. However I find it interesting that I gain more views from Facebook than I do Twitter which I’m more active on.

Countries Visitors are From

The USA and United Kingdom taking the top two spots aren’t surprising considering I write this blog in English. However, I’d like to say hello to all my Malta visitors! It’s wonderful to see you here!

Blog Stats

I gained several new blog followers in October and my blog continues to rack up views.

Visual representation of days Posted

I think this is a fun chart to see what days I posted however I wish it would give me more data and information. I can’t click on these to learn more.

Total Blog Data

Considering I kept posting late at night, I’m not surprised that my best view time went from 8am to 10pm.

Blog Posts I Wrote

October Instagram

November Forecast

I’m not positive I will continue to blog as often as I did in October although I saw positive results from it. I’m planning on working a lot of overtime at work for Thanksgiving this month.

However I do plan on trying to come up with some themed posts for the week and participate more often in Blog Tags and Memes.

I’m currently still trying to finish my library books, hoping to finish one of the books this week. I’ve been taking forever to read it but I got distracted with Dune.

One again, maybe this month I will finally upgrade my blog plan and finish converting blog posts to audio posts. I just haven’t been logging into my laptop in a while because it’s SO FREAKING SLOW.

Eventually I will though.

I also am planning on posting some more bookstagram posts and I will be requesting some ARCS as soon as I get through my library books and some books I’m borrowing from friends.

I’m also participating in Nanowrimo this month and so I will be keeping the blog updated about that. I plan on writing more writing advice themed posts this month and posting my book reviews.

Thanks so much for everyone’s support in October, it means a lot to me!

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