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Hello everyone,

Long time no see!

Back at the end of January, all three of my computers basically became unusable. My desktop actually won’t get past the BIOS screen and since computer parts are expensive, I haven’t tried to fix it. My other two laptops are OLD. One of my laptops is from 2009 and my other laptop is from 2013, so they’re both on their last legs.

It got to the point where they would take 30 minutes just to boot up and load. Trying to do anything on it was a pain despite several attempts to fix it from the IT guys I know. I tried to get around it by blogging on my phone, but eventually that became too much as well since my hands were cramping and I try not to be on my cell phone so much.

So I decided I would give up blogging until I could get another laptop. I’m now using an used 2016 Macbook. It’s battery only really works if you keep it plugged in at this point, but that can be replaced. I got this laptop from a guy who I volunteer with for pretty cheap. Is it the nicest, newest one? No, but it turns on pretty quickly!

I’ve been trying to get back into reading as well this year, my ability to read took a downturn earlier this year when I got into a brief relationship I also just got out of. That sucked a lot of my freetime, but I thankfully have my free time back.

I plan on writing up some back logged posts of books I read last year and then start reading some new books to review. Then I’ll hop back on my bandwagon of posts to write. I haven’t decided if I’d like to try a schedule or not this time, but I’ll consider it for July.

June will be pretty busy with me. I have several side gig appointments and my birthday followed by a bachelorette party trip in July and more side gig appointments.

I’m looking forward to getting back into writing, blogging, and reading again this summer! I did manage to write 30,000 words of a novel in progress on my phone though.

Thanks so much for everyone’s patience, I’ll be catching up on blogs this coming week and preparing some posts for June!

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One thought on “I’ve returned from my 6-month hiatus!

  1. Welcome back! I believe many people take for granted the costs of our technology. For example, people are shocked by the costs of gaming consoles, but not computers/laptops or smartphones. It’s because we pay for these items and they last us for a long time.


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