Since figuring out that she’s better at creating new universes and people then she is equating math and playing with chemicals, Sareh’s delved into a variety of things. She’s the author of another blog, The Writer’s Help Society, co-written on three other blogs,  one of them being Inkwell: A Resource for Writers and Inked, been published in her university’s literary magazine, finished two novels, works for her campus student newspaper, and started an overabundance of other stories. She also was the editor-in-chief for her university literary magazine, Bifrost, senior year. Her favorite genres are science fiction and fantasy, but also dabbles in historical fiction, paranormal, and romance.

When she’s not  writing or reading, Sareh can be found listening to music, reading, hanging out with friends, practicing violin, designing jewelry, dancing, collecting rocks, planning a trip to see the world, taking photos, or playing badminton.

She hopes you find this blog just as fun and helpful as she does! Have a good day!

Topics Covered on the blog:

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Creative Writing

Sword of Clouds (The Messengers #1)

Current Word Count: 82,000

Genre: NA Historical Fantasy

Status: Complete, 2nd draft

Miss Direction 

Genre: Adult Historical Fantasy

Status: Complete, published

Other Stories include (feel free to ask me about!)

  • Wayru (historical fiction/ fantasy/ romance)
  • Cities of Refuge (Historical fiction/action)
  • Sword of Clouds: The Messengers #1 (Fantasy)
  • Jewel of Desire: The Messengers #2 (fantasy)
  • Mirror of Wisdom: The Messengers #3 (fantasy)
  • Those Crazy Years (science fiction/steampunk/alternative universe/historical fiction/adventure)
  • An Arrangement of Evil Deeds (science fiction/Thriller)
  • A Star so Dark (science fiction/adventure)
  • A Star so Bright (science fiction/adventure)
  • Beautiful Manipulation (Science fiction)

**** Stories only get titles and genres when I actually write a pitch to them, see merit in the idea, and attempt a couple chapters. Then stories will only be added to the list above (not this “Other” list but the one above) when they’ve reached past 10,000 words and have a cover and suitable pitch.

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    1. Oh that’s so awesome!! I love badminton because it’s the only sport I’m not terrified if the ball (birdie) hits me. Haha! But yes sci-fi is great! What are your favorite sci fi books and what kinds of jewelry do you make?


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