Sword of Clouds (The Messengers #1)

In the kingdom of Maylin, Princess Kimiko spends her days training as a priestess of the goddess Inari. As a sacred fox messenger of Inari, Kimiko’s life has always been Inari first, everything else second. To allow for Kimiko to perform Inari’s wishes, her father, one the five god-kings, has always declined marriage proposals. Yet this harmony at the latest Assembly of the Gods, where her father meets with the other four god-kings, has been ruined.

The balance of the world has been upended, for Ichrio, the Crown Prince of Solan, has made a deal with the god of evil. If Ichrio can find the three Sacred Treasures so he can enter the mortal world and he’ll save Ichrio’s sick half-sister’s life. And to do this, Ichrio has killed the god-kings for their power, believing he has no other choice.

In order to take her revenge on her father’s death, Kimiko asks the gods in a fit of grief to let her go after Ichrio. But the gods see it as a chance for her to restore balance to the world. In order to get close enough to Ichrio, Kimiko must marry his half-brother, whom she saved from the slaughter at the Assembly of the Gods.

Without much choice, she leaves behind her family to begin a chaotic journey. Her new husband is convinced that he can stop his brother and still save his sister’s life. But if he can’t, he’s been gathering support to overthrow his brother for years. At the crossroads of warring brothers and gods, Kimiko must decide if her mission and her desire for revenge is stronger than one man’s quest to save his family at any cost.

Jewel of Desire (The Messengers #2)

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Mirror of Wisdom (The Messengers #3)

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Map of Insra

* This is a mock-up only. I do not claim any rights to the images used and this is for my own personal work.

The Book Fair Display

The idea behind the table is to display the book along with some swag that would be given out at YALLFest or another BookCon. Swag would include kitsune themed items as my protagonist is a half-kitsune. These items might consist of a fox plushie, fox origami, bookmarks, Omamori, a necklace like the one the protagonist wears, a map of the world, and a Tenugui.

I'm honestly not that great of an illustrator, but I can draw fantasy maps.  Click to look closer.

I’m honestly not that great of an illustrator, but I can draw fantasy maps. Click to look closer.

The map I had watercolor painted for this project is quite large. The names of the cities are all in Hiragana (as I cannot translate yet using Kanji) and look like the location markers found on traditional Japanese maps that I picked up while in Japan. The map is topographic and I tried to draw it with a bit of perspective.

I also printed out a glossary I’ve been making for my book and bound it using Japanese stab binding methods. The pages I believe are folded in a traditional style called fukuro-toji (Source on Japanese bookdbinding paper methods) and the stab binding method is a traditional version. This style of binding doesn’t allow for the book to lay flat unless using an extra allowance for that.