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This is a part of my monthly series where I recap what I read, published, and plan on doing for the coming month.

September was a REALLY REALLY busy month for me and October and November will only get worse.

Why you might ask?

Well I….

  • Got a full time job
  • Got a part time job
  • Am wrapping up a volunteer project
  • Am starting another volunteer project
  • Had two freelance clients reach out to me for revisions/new work

So in case anyone wants to know what I’m doing…that’s it.

However, it’s something I’m quite used to as I’ve always had several jobs since being in college and while in college, always held down two part time jobs while going to school full time.

So I’ve gotten really good at managing my time. I’m not perfect. I forget things, but I got this.

Last month I mentioned I wanted to focus on self care. And I feel I actually was pretty good at it considering everything. I managed to write some blog posts, hang out with my cousin, read a book, and I did eat healthier.

Unfortunately we had a step challenge at work which I ended up not really being able to participate in because I hurt my hamstrings early on in the month and then I was quarantining so that really put a damper on exercising.

However hopefully in October I will be able to exercise again.

Anyways, so that brings us to the blog, which I’m writing everything ahead of time for a while on the weekends so I don’t have to worry about it much.

This month I wrote:

I really enjoyed writing the reaction posts this month because I think it’s good to reflect on current topics and things that affect us as writers and reviewers. Books and writing is a topic that people get very passionate about and so I think there is a lot to talk about.

I also enjoyed writing about Free Little Libraries this month because I am a big fan of community efforts to help each other out.

My blog post about researching was another great topic to write about because I’m a huge fan of doing research for any genre. It’s one of those things I think I spend more time doing than actually writing sometimes!

In October I plan to write:

  • Why I chose my pen name
  • Repost book reviews from old blog
  • Share some blog posts from my professional blog
  • Books I’m decluttering from my TBR pile
  • How I discover new books to read
  • Write a new book review

I might do a lot of reposts until I get done with my volunteer projects, but sometime around November or December I will probably be moving as well so honestly the rest of this year. However, I will continue trying to write original blog posts at least a couple times a month until things settle back down.

This month I didn’t really write a lot for my novels but I was expecting that with everything else I took on. So my novels unfortunately might become neglected. But eventually I shall return to them.

Also eventually I plan on finishing the books I got from the library. Hoping to do that soon, maybe I will finish one this weekend.

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