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Some of these posts are from a couple weeks ago but I’ve been so caught up in some other things I haven’t gotten around to sharing them yet. Hope you enjoy these great posts!

The Queen Of Nothing by Holly Black Review by 24hryabookblog

I haven’t read past the first book in this series but I think this was a really interesting view. I thought their comment about the characters acting out of place was really interesting because I’ve read some other series where after a while the characters seem to loose touch with the story.

Anticipated releases for 2021 (Non-Debut Edition)- Top Ten Tuesday! by Becky’s Book Blog

One this list, the books I’m also excited for are Six Crimson Cranes, This Poison Heart, and Ravage the Dark.

My Top 10 Best Books Of 2020 by Jess // Comfort Reads Book Blog

I think Jess picked out a lot of great books for this list and a lot of them I haven’t read myself but I’ve heard so many good things about. Other books on this list I haven’t heard about so I’ll have to keep an eye out for them the next time I’m checking out books on the library app.

3 Ways To Deal With Anxiety Symptoms Affecting Your Productivity – The Anxious Author

I really appreciated this post as my anxiety has been a lot to handle the last several months. With all the current events going on and trying to vamp up all my activities outside of work, I’ve been quite stressed. Currently working on some management tips for this year to cope.

Missing the Mark: Misogyny in Fiction – Paper Procrastinators

I think this was a great post and really highlighted a lot of problems that I agree with are in fiction. They are problems that people have been trying to combat for a while. Given there is an entire Twitter account dedicated to calling out the way men write women in fiction, I think this is a great post to read.


I’ve been seeing this book pop up a lot in my news feeds on Goodreads and Twitter so I really enjoyed reading this review of it.

Bridgerton: Careful how you insert BIPOC into your historical fiction or romance by Worderella

I think this was a great piece written by a BIPOC voice and I thought it was great to read as a white woman. I’ve been seeing a lot of similar discussion from other Ownvoices on Twitter and I believe there is a lot that authors and storytellers can learn from going forward.

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