Hi everyone,

Long time no see. Don’t worry I am still around but I have been taking a break for the holidays. The holidays are a really busy time of year for me and this year I just wasn’t able to get all my ducks in a row for everything.

Since I haven’t posted in a while I wanted to talk about the book related things I’ve done in November and December for the holidays.

Bought Books

I received an Amazon giftcard this year for Christmas and promptly spent it on books.

I am trying to focus on buying from BIPOC authors.

I also bought books from a local book shop as well.

Read Books

I’ve been working on reading Dune for a while. It’s a good book and I really like it so far but with everything going on, I’ve been bad about sitting down to actually read.

Hopefully I can finish it this week with the Christmas break.

Bought and made notebooks

For Black Friday this year I spent money on two Archer and Olive notebooks on sale. I’ve been eyeing them for a couple of years but they’re expensive so I haven’t gotten them before.

I also am trying to get back into my other hobbies now like bookbinding. So I started making a grid dot notebook I plan on using French link stitch and Coptic stitch together on.

Worked on my novel

I’ve been working on one of my new WIPs called A Desolation of Angels. I was about 10,000 words into it but then I decided to delete a chapter after starting over with a different beginning.

The biggest thing I think I’m struggling with right now in it is the world building since I’m still fleshing that out.

The cast of characters is also growing but we’ll see how that turns out as I continue to write.

Here is a short excerpt from what I wrote recently:

“Are you nervous?” I ask as we arrive at the small side doors to the great hall. My guards bow, their hands on their short swords and guns. 

The public either believes I’m a cursed monster or believes I’m a saint. Some days I don’t know which I am.

“No,” Lavern says, his eyes sparking with mischief. “Everyone is here to celebrate us. Plus, I get to dance with the most beautiful woman here.”

I smile, forgetting he can’t see my expression behind the mask. I take a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves. “I am, I’ve been on edge since the run in with the Seraphim earlier.” 

Lavern squeezes my hand on his arm. “It’ll be alright. Let’s try not to think about it until tomorrow and enjoy ourselves tonight. Besides, I don’t think Epidone is supposed to be here.”

I think back to the Barakan Princess, briefly remembering how much she hates me.

Sometimes it feels as if Lavern is my only ally in the world.

The doors open to fanfare, I barely hear the herald announcing my titles.

I’ve been looking at my Pinterest board a lot for some inspiration.

Finally went to Book Club

One of my friends from college (she used to be a supervisor actually) runs a book club for a couple of years with some friends.

I’ve been really bad about going even before the pandemic because it’s always either another club has something on Tuesday nights or I just get busy and forget.

But last month I finally remembered and didn’t have anything going on and attended. I’m not attending this month due to the holidays but I’m planning on going in January.

We’re reading Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I’ve actually started reading that book before but I DNF’d it cause the MC was driving me nuts. Maybe I will give it another shot this time and see if I change my mind.

I know a lot of people love it and now I think they’re making it into a TV series. So probably a good time to start reading it again.

I’ll be returning in January!

I’m planning on hoping back on the blog again at the New Year! I have a lot of blog posts planned although I still need to flesh them out.

I’ll be back with my regular schedule sometime in February when I get a new laptop or my current laptop fixed up. It’s just so slow right now.

I’m also picking out a new theme for the blog and I’m planning on officially upgrading once I get the new laptop.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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