Busy busy busy.

I’m HOPING things will settle down next month so I’ll have more time to focus on writing and blogging and other stuff. My fulltime job has been keeping me pretty busy as we try to push a bunch of documents out by the end of the month.

I felt like my blog posts this month weren’t my best but I think I did alright with them as well as I could have.

I’m really excited to be moving to the new apartment in a couple of days and have a built in bookshelf.

Not that I need more excuses to go by more books or anything like that.

However I do have a B&N giftcard I need to figure out what to buy with soon.

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What I’m looking forward to in August

Since I’m going to be living so close to the library, my goal is to get back into reading. I’m borrowing some books from people I really need to read and return, so I’m going to focus on those first.

Then I have some new books on my shelf I’ve been meaning to read and haven’t gotten around to them yet. So once I get those done, I’m going to buy some books from B&N and then head over to the library.

Maybe this month I will finish uploading all my previous blog posts as podcasts? And maybe I’ll actually upgrade the blog?

Honestly who knows at this point.

But goals are always good!

I am going to be attempting a low buy or no buy month or so while I try to get my budget figured out in the next couple of months. I’ve been buying a lot of things lately and honestly need to calm down (however I have not gone over my budget I believe with fun things. There were a lot of needed things however I had to spend money on such as apartment downpayment, electricity, new car tags, etc).

The main things I’ll need to figure out is a new car payment most likely, plan to start paying student loans again in September *sob*, and the new apartment which will be most expensive than our last.

I’m also considering later this year potentially getting my own Amazon prime account and getting a new kindle and Kindle Unlimited as well. However, I don’t know if I can get past the fact that I have 50 books on my mother’s amazon account that I cannot access if anything happens to her account. It honestly made me stop buying kindle books once I realized I can’t transfer them to another account or to literally anything else useful.

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